Caracas Forum 2015

We had the opportunity to attend one of the CCS FORUM 2015 thanks to the Mayor of Chacao and the American Embassy the seventh of July. The event was hosted by Lawrence Black, entrepreneur and business leader from WilliamMcDonough group. Larry could in a few minutes intensify our efforts to create our culinary concepts thanks to the intervention of the two Mandianez brothers and inspired by Cradle to Cradle philosophy in projects with objectives that gobeyond the aesthetic and functional purposes.A venture that goes along with all initiatives Unidos con Gusto remains focused wanting  to make this project a global project.


Grateful witch Cesar Rondon for his gracious interview

We are pleased to provide a little more about our project #BuildingAngeles with Cesar Miguel Rondon, we thank you for such a pleasant interview. #MediaTour "We are a foundation of background , working towards helping other foundations to raise funds through our kitchen " Do not miss the complete interview  


Welcome to our new ally FundaProcura

We met Fundaprocura Foundation. We told them about our functions, our goals and new fundraising campaign in Indiegogo #BuildingAngeles.  Excited about the idea, they decided to ally and become one of the future beneficiaries who have our project "Angels ".  We thank you for your confidence to be part of this dream, like we thank every foundation add to our cause.   If you have a foundation, go ahead join to us :


With this interview we start media tour

"Angels is a project to create the first gastronomic chain nonprofit that seeks dividends for sustainability and funding of foundation partners, so they can continue working, continuing their projects. Basically the project was to address the need the foundations have ongoing financial support to the pair of open spaces job placement to people from vulnerable social groups. The Foundation "Unidos con Gusto" is a project promoted by the renowned Venezuelan chef Erick Mandianez. With over 17 years in the field of gastronomy, Mandianez has led stove in boutique hotels, restaurants, bars, catering and as a consultant in implementations for more than 12 years ( Orinoco Grill, Petunia Restaurant, Prague Bar, Discotheque Sawu , Il Grillo trattoria , among others). Listen to the interview with Erick Mandianez on the following link:


We get great inspiration from Chef Ann in #CaracasForum2015

We got the pleasure to meet Chef Ann, and we could fill up of all the knowledge and inspiration with her work with kids at Chef Ann Foundation.

It was an amazing experience to meet someone that with so much commitment and enthusiasm has managed to make a major change in the health and welfare of children of school age in the United States, introducing healthy food in schools, changing candy dispensers by salad's bars and organic food, which results in better student performance. This Farm to School program has received support from major companies and personalities, including the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who always opts for the health and welfare of children.

Here in Unidos con Gusto hope to have the opportunity to work with her program, led the scale of our future restaurants, to provide the best food and nutrition to our guests.


@tatuandosonrisa is one of our first allies

Thanks Dr. Katiuska Rivera for being one of our Super Angles, we will help delivering smiles as much as you will help us spreading our cause among your followers. Activated!!!

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